It's actually quite warm out today. Way too warm for the skyways. I wish I'd had my bike, so I could ride home, but then I would've missed out on the following signs out on Nicollet.

A guy sitting on the sidewalk, eating a big slice of pizza, holding a sign that read:

"No food"

At first read, I thought, "Why? Because you're already eating a slice? What about later? Why would anyone turn down food?"

Then I read the rest of the sign:

"No money
Anything will help"

Oops! This poor man wasn't turning down food, he was simply stating he didn't have any. D'oh! (on my part)

A couple blocks later, there was a kid (late teens, early twenties), holding this sign:

"Wife Kidnapted Ransom .99"

I feel bad for his wife, if he has one. It would suck to be held with such little value by the one who should value you the most.

Then I glimpsed the other side of his sign:

"Will work half assed ... "

I'm not sure how he ended that sentence, but ...

I certainly hope the first guy gets more sympathy.


  1. Kinda makes me feel good that someone must have given the first guy a slice of pizza! Now the second guy...

  2. Wow, I hope the second guy was just attempting to be funny and not serious.

  3. Two Normal Moms, Yeah, that kinda makes me feel good, too.


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