Journal Topic #2: Describe the perfect day. Put in as many details as you can. Make it a possible day, not a "dream" day.

The perfect day would include the sun shining and birds singing for sure! It would begin after a restful night of sleep—waking up, not to an alarm, but to my internal clock. It would definitely begin with some time communing with my Father in Heaven, through prayer and scripture study. Without the Lord, my day would fall very short from perfect. Perhaps after breakfast, my day would take me on a walk outside with my wonderful girl, Sallie (our dog), and my camera. I would take pictures of the glories of God—the flowers, the trees, the birds and the squirrels.

Wait scratch that…

Instead I would pack a picnic lunch and my husband, Sallie, and I would take a drive up north to a state park where we could romp and play. We could hike and take in the beauty of nature. We would find whatever waterfalls might be in the park, because we love waterfalls…at least I do! The rush of the water is so powerful. After waterfalls, my favorite thing is flowers. We, of course, would have the camera, so we would take some great shots of our day. We would walk hand in hand together around the park, soaking in the warm sunshine. We would make plans about our future—where we will live, how we will raise our children. We would share our testimonies and discuss the gospel and how it has blessed our lives.

We would eat our simple picnic lunch—turkey sandwiches with Muenster cheese. Carrot and celery sticks, perhaps some radishes, on the side with water to drink. After lunch, we would return home, drop Sallie off in her crate and grab our temple bags. We would attend a session of the temple together and reflect on our day as we pondered the mysteries of God.

Our day would be capped off with dinner at our favorite restaurant, where we would enjoy a juicy, perfectly cooked steak, a steaming baked potato, and glorious green beans. Ooh, and some cheesecake for dessert. We would look into each other eyes and be filled with love for each other and for our Father in Heaven who made it all possible.


  1. Sounds like a pretty perfect day to me too!

  2. Lara's perfect "date" as stated in Miss Congeniality is April 25th because it's not too hot and not too cold and you just need a light jacket. LOL (o: You agree, right Lara?

  3. Ah, yes! I was even tempted to post the clip that Lara loves so much.


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