Beth & Jose Angel's wedding

I was really excited to see these pics in the batch.

Beth had quite a few Cottey girls come up for her wedding. It was a fun little reunion.

Lynn (Cook) McGovern came up from AZ. She actually stayed with me, and we drove down to Owatonna (about an hour) for the nuptials. Unfortunately, we arrived late. :-( We missed the entire ceremony--arriving just as they were leaving the chapel. We, of course, stayed for the reception. It was a lot of fun. I remember the food was really good. They had a mariachi band. That was pretty cool. I remember they did this traditional Mexican dance where all the single women were supposed to dance around the bride. I think there were only two of us that were single of all the Cottey girls, so the married ones joined us in the dancing.

After the reception, we hung out for awhile at Beth's parent's home. It was a really good day.

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