My Sister's Keeper

Well, I finally got around to reading the book my friend recommended to me.

My Sister's Keeper is a very touching story that really makes you think about how you would handle having your child diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia and how your actions would affect the entire family.

The way that Picoult writes this story is very intriguing. Each section is written in the 1st person of one of the characters. This can be a little confusing at times, but mostly it allows the reader to really get into the thoughts of each of the characters.

I enjoyed reading this book; although the language in it was, at times, not stellar. I understand that the situations this family had to faced would probably elicit such language, but in a fictional book, why can't we just pretend that those words wouldn't fall so easily off our tongues?

All in all, though, I would definitely recommend this book. It is heartfelt and inspiring. It will definitely make you think; it will definitely make you cry.

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