Journal Topic #1: Have you ever tried to find out something that was none of your business?

Definitely! I tend to be a bit nosy, and unfortunately, a bit of a gossip. I know that we are warned against gossiping because it can be very hurtful, but it is so tempting. I think mostly I just like the conversation. Don’t get me wrong, I'm not as bad of a gossip as some people, but I do think it is something that I could/should work on. To specifically answer this question, I cannot think of any particular instances when I tried to find out something that was none of my business, but usually I just ask around—usually someone that I trust. It may or may not be regarding that person. I know that I do not like to be left out, and that is partly why I like to nose my way in. I’m trying to keep this journal entry going for five minutes, but I’m having some difficulty with this prompt. Hopefully tomorrow’s prompt will be more interesting and fruitful. Two more minutes to go and nothing to say. Hmmm…I wonder if I should do this as a blog… I like blogging, but often have nothing to blog about. I’d like to do it more frequently. Perhaps these journal prompts will work. Yes! I think I’ll give that a try…starting with this one. It could be fun, right?! We’re down to seconds now…Whew! I made it.

Tune in tomorrow for, hopefully, something a little more exciting.

I've decided to attempt to be a better journal keeper. In doing so, I thought it would be fun to find a list of journal questions and randomly answer them. As I was doing this first one (as you read above), I thought it would be fun to do these entries on my blog. If you're looking for ideas to add to your blog, go ahead and join me. It would be fun to read your answers as well. If you join, please post a comment, so I can visit your blog and read what you have to say.

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  1. So I've been meaning to ask you...how much money do you make? What was your college GPA? Do you floss?

    Hehe! Sorry I just had to.


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