President Hinckley Dies at 97

This morning I was doing my cardio on the elliptical machine in the fitness room in my apartment building. At the tail end of the news, there was a brief story about the "passing of a leader in the Mormon church." With the noise of the machines, I didn't quite hear all of the pertinent information in the report. I was pretty sure that it was President Hinckley that they were speaking of, but I wasn't certain.
I had more than 10 minutes left of my workout. I couldn't wait to finish so that I could get to my computer and confirm the story. I began putting forth more effort, as if that would make a difference! I know it really didn't, but it did seem to make the time go by faster.
President Hinckley will be greatly missed. He became the prophet during my senior year of high school, so while I do remember vaguely Presidents Benson and Hunter, President Hinckley has been the prophet for all of my adult life. I know that he was inspired of the Lord and that he guided and directed the church according to the Lord's will. He committed his entire life to serving the Lord; he was great man and will always remain a strong example to me.
During General Conferences in recent years, I have always enjoyed his talks. I will miss his stories and his counsel. I will miss hearing of his travels around the world. I will miss hearing him testify of the gospel.
My prayers will go out to the remaining apostles during this time of transition.

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