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I was reading a Deseret News Article today by Joel Campbell, LDS Newsline blogger. In this article, he grades several recent news stories about the LDS faith.

The first "A" that he gave went to an article in the Orange County Register, called "IN THE SPIRIT: Misconceptions follow Mormon faith." Campbell commends this reporter for using a reliable source--"a genuine, believing member." The article is basically a quick interview with the Stake President of the Newport Beach California Stake.

I was impressed with the answers of this Stake President. I actually had misread this article, thinking the interview was with a current Bishop. Regardless, it was still impressive, and it gave me pause.

Would I be able to answer a reporter's questions as succinctly?

As members of the church, we sometimes shy away from talking about our religious beliefs with those not of our faith. I know that I do. I get tongue-tied and unsure of the words.

We are taught in the church the importance of being a "member missionary" and "teaching by example." This article reminded me of that. As I was reading it and thinking about whether or not I would have been able to provide precise answers as this Stake President did, I thought how important it is that every member know the doctrine as well as those in leadership. Every member ought to be prepared to answer questions from a reporter. While the likelihood is that reporters will only interview Bishops or Stake Presidents or Apostles, I still think it is important that every member be prepared for such a situation.

I know that I definitely need to make some improvements! One of my New Year's Resolutions, actually, is to become more spiritually minded.

Here's to 2008 and becoming the best "Mormons" and "Christians" we can become. Right? It's all about eternal progression and always doing the best we can.

Happy New Year!!


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  2. It is indeed interesting to consider the answers you might give regarding your faith, and how the answers might differ under various circumstances. Answers to questions like these may be much different when intended for different audiences.

    In addition, answers will surely vary from person to person because different aspects of the church will resonate differently within each of us. What one member holds as a key tenet of faith, another may view as ancillary and unimportant. What one member finds faith-promoting may not be faith-promoting at all to another.

    oh ya. good blog. keep it up.


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