I was bored at work, so I Googled my name followed by wants and needs to see what I found.

What Clarinda wants...

...the 1.9 millions as per immediate.
...to be.
...to build the Mangrove Village.
...to buy a note book.
...to provide the best customer service in every way possible.
...to tap into a known market.

What Clarinda needs...
...to focus on recruiting.
...to focus on attracting businesses.
...to be included in the current IDOT 5-year program.
...no more than to belong to you.
...a way to advertise their community.
...to own forty percent.

Of course, there is a town in IA called Clarinda, and it's not that popular of a name, so the results are a little skewed toward what a town might want/need.
Still a fun exercise and way to kill time...

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