Walking Log: Day 11

With preparing for Girls Camp, and attending Girls Camp, and recovering from Girls Camp, I kind of lost my walking rhythm.

Then, I was having a pretty terrible day on Monday, so I emailed a friend to see if she would be free for a walk today. She works about a mile from where I live, but this is the first time that we've actually got together for a walk.

She had to get back to work, so it was neither a very long or vigorous walk, but it was fun to chat as we walked.

Today's Stats:
Run Time: 37:03
Run Distance: 1.88mi
Avg Pace: 19:42/mi
Calories: 214


  1. Sorry you had such a horrible day. I hope your week has gotten better now. I love walking when I'm stressed too.

  2. Clarinda!
    Good for you! I'd love to go on a walk with you sometime!

    I hope you have a better Monday today!


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