Thankful Thursdays

I often feel that I am a rather ungrateful person. I don't often express my gratitude to others, so I figured, if I blog my gratitude, perhaps I will become more aware of everyday things in my life for which I should be thankful.

I decided Thursdays are the perfect day to do this. After all, Thanksgiving is a Thursday. Why not carry on that Thanksgiving spirit on Thursdays throughout the year?

Here are a few things for which I am grateful on this beautiful Thursday morning.
  • The visiting teaching program, as a whole, and more specifically my current visiting teacher. She is the best! I have opened up to her in ways I haven't with anyone else, and it feels so good to talk to someone about my hopes and fears. Thank you, Bre! You're awesome!!
  • Minnesota summers. This week has been fantastically sunny and HOT...and I LOVE IT!! Some may say that Monday was too hot with records highs and lots of humidity, but I could hardly have asked for a better week. It gives me a good excuse to eat outside and soak up some rays.
  • The gym. Jeff and I joined the gym nearly 2 months ago, and we've been going together pretty consistently a few times a week. It is so fun to workout together! Mostly we've been doing weight training. He really pushes me, which I will be even more thankful for when I begin to look fabulous!
  • Comments on my blog, of course. Thank you K, Lara, and Tacy - My 3 biggest blogging fans. :-)There is almost nothing that brings a bigger smile to my face. Well comments on my Fb status do it, too. Any emails from friends I have heard from in awhile. Really, anything that lets me know that someone is thinking about me that I didn't really expect.
That's probably enough for this week. What are you thankful for today?


  1. What a great topic for Thursday. I will probably copy you. (o:

    I am grateful for my husband's easy work schedule this past week.


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