Thanksgiving 2011 #9 - Snowflakes

I'm not much of a fan of winter at all.

I dislike the cold,
the bare trees,
the late sunrise and early sunset.

I don't like to ski.

However, I do LOVE the snow.

I love to watch it peacefully fall around me.

And above all I love to run during a snowfall.
It's gorgeous.
It's peaceful.
It's quiet.
It's comforting.

Today I'm thankful for the tiniest of snowflakes that were falling when I went for my run. I wasn't really feeling the run, so these delightful little flakes really helped me get through it.

They were infrequent and barely visible, but it made me just a wee bit excited for the upcoming winter.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the quietness when it's snowing. But, I also hate the winter and being cold. I'm thankful for different parts of each season :)

  2. You saw snow? Lucky! We would get along just fine. I don't like winter, cold, gray, bare trees - but give me some snow and I'll make it through :)

  3. Agreed! When I don't have to be out in it and I'm warm inside I love it.


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