Flashback Friday: Christmas 1979

A couple of my friends (K and Lara) have done, from time to time, a feature on their blogs called Flashback Fridays. I've often considered doing this on my blog as well.

So...here's my first attempt. I thought it would be fun to flashback on Fridays throughout December to various Christmas pictures.

This picture is from 1979. I'm the adorable one in the red dress. Oh wait! We're all adorable girls in red dresses!!

(L to R: Katie, Tara, Treva, Clarinda)


  1. Your blog is so cute. At first I thought your picture showed a very cracked wall but then I realized the picture has cracks... ha ha. Thought maybe you grew up in CA with the earthquakes! Happy Friday, SITSta :)

  2. What a fun old picture! I guess I didn't really remember there were four of you girls.

  3. Lara, Your memory is correct. Treva is my sister; Tara and Katie are my cousins.


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