Flashback Friday: Christmas 1991

Ok. I couldn't decide on just one photo today, so here's a few from the Christmas of 1991.

What's so funny, you may ask?
Well, my mom made a bunch of these cute little boxes that year. On the inside lid, she wrote "Merry Christmas," but she messed up on this one. Instead of Christmas, she wrote Christopherson, so she fixed it to read, "Merry Christopherson's Christmas." It think it was particularly funny, because I didn't even notice right away - she had to point on her mistake. This was probably funnier if you were there.

These next three pictures must have been from a ward Christmas party.





  1. That first picture is pretty much exactly how I remember you!

  2. Hahaha....cute! i love looking back at old photos:) Merry Christmas from sits!!

  3. Funny! I need to find some old Christmas photos, those are too cute. We watched old Christmas movies that we pretty funny of us as kids opening presents. Merry Christmas!


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