I finally got around to finishing the scrapbook pages from when Brian & Nancy & family stopped in Minneapolis on their way to Boston.

The first page was featured in "My First Attempt." I've since created two more scrapbook pages on the events and put all three together in a slide show.

Let me know what you think.


Temptations are like Tornadoes

  • We can often feel them approaching
  • Sometimes they are so fascinating that we don't seek shelter or make proper preparations
  • Lots of conditions need to be in place for a tornado (humidity, wind, other meteorological conditions)--this is also true with temptations (i.e. not praying or reading our scriptures)

I thought it was a great analogy when I heard it in a Sacrament talk a few weeks back.

May we all be prepared for the spiritual (and physical) tornadoes that may blow through our lives!!


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