I think I have found true happiness.

Not sure how it happened, but I've found myself smiling for no apparent reason a lot lately.

Maybe it's because of my rocking new apartment...

Or my fabulous temp assignment...

Or the fact that I've been reading from the Book of Mormon every morning for nearly 3 months...

Or maybe it's that I have a wonderful husband...

I don't care the reason...it just feels so great to have found it!


Another smoothie...

I used milk as my liquid base for today's smoothie. I wasn't sure how it would turn out, but it is delicious! It is much creamier than when I use OJ.

Today's smoothie:
1 peach
1 kiwi
small handful of frozen strawberries
2 packets of Splenda



Mmmm...Yummy Smoothies...

The kitchen at my temp position at SC Johnson is a full kitchen. One of the many appliances it has is a blender. I've taken to blending up a yummy smoothie for breakfast each morning.

Today's is particularly hitting the spot.

Orange Juice
1 Banana
Frozen mixed berries
2 packets of Splenda



Old Pictures

When Jeff and I were packing up to move out to NYC nearly 2 years ago, I came across two rolls of undeveloped film.

Well, after carrying them around from 2 more years, I finally got them developed.

I was pleasantly surprised by what I found when I picked them up from Ritz Camera. They chronicled some events that I had all but forgotten. The pictures are all from the summer of 2004.

The next 5 posts are pictures from these rolls of film.

Christopherson Clan

These pics were really fun to come across. I had totally forgotten about this pit stop!

When Brian and family moved out to Boston, they made a pit stop for a couple of hours in Minneapolis. Treva and Trevor couldn't join us because of work, but Tony and Ana brought out all the kids. I think everyone had a lot of fun meeting their cousins and playing by the lake.

At the time, I lived in Minneapolis only a couple of blocks from Lake Calhoun, so we walked down to the lake and played around until Brian and Nancy and clan had to
continue on their journey.

Beth & Jose Angel's wedding

I was really excited to see these pics in the batch.

Beth had quite a few Cottey girls come up for her wedding. It was a fun little reunion.

Lynn (Cook) McGovern came up from AZ. She actually stayed with me, and we drove down to Owatonna (about an hour) for the nuptials. Unfortunately, we arrived late. :-( We missed the entire ceremony--arriving just as they were leaving the chapel. We, of course, stayed for the reception. It was a lot of fun. I remember the food was really good. They had a mariachi band. That was pretty cool. I remember they did this traditional Mexican dance where all the single women were supposed to dance around the bride. I think there were only two of us that were single of all the Cottey girls, so the married ones joined us in the dancing.

After the reception, we hung out for awhile at Beth's parent's home. It was a really good day.

A Few Cottey Girls

I think it might have been Labor Day weekend in 2004. I received a phone call from Jenny Murray asking what I was up to. Apparently, her and Nancy Eddie and Susie Stolberg were stranded in Fargo due to inclement weather. They were going to rent a car and drive to Minneapolis to catch their connecting flights the next morning. They wanted to know if I would be up for a few visitors the the night.


It was so much fun to see all of them again. We stayed up late into the night talking.
It was just a brief reunion but so worth it. :-)
L to R: Jen Murray, Nancy Eddie, Susie Stolberg, Me

Denise, Treva, Jen & Me

I can't remember exactly the occasion of these photos, but Treva and I met Denise & Jennifer at a Famous Dave's. I do remember getting a birthday gift, so maybe that was the occasion.

Treva & Denise Jennifer & Me
The Girls

Me & Catherine Cook

I do not remember the occasion of this picture, but I imagine it was just after church one Sunday afternoon. I think it's a really good picture of the two of us.


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