Gospel Joy

There is nothing like the joy the gospel brings into our lives!
Look at our smiling, happy faces.

Maria Fernanda Pinner was baptized on February 21, 2009.
We, the Young Women presidency, were so happy that she chose to take this wonderful step in her life.
May the Holy Ghost guide her every day.


Back with Cheer! Day 1

I ran out of winter photos, and then it wasn't so wintery around. I had to take a short break from posting every day until we had a new theme.

Our new theme is...Cheer or Happiness...

I think this new theme will be lots of fun.

Since today was a pretty gloomy day, I didn't get outside to take any new pictures.

This is my niece.

What a smile!

Who couldn't be happy or cheerful with that face smiling at you?!


Day 23

I can't go too long without posting a picture of my Sallie-girl!
So stoic.

Mormonad: Wish You Were Here

Anyone have trouble with YW texting during Sunday lessons or midweek activities? I think this is a great video that might help the youth realize that we are interested in them , not just their physical bodies being present. I'd love to hear your comments about helping YW put away their phones.


Day 20: Trees and a Ravine

I like the subtle sense of a snow-filled ravine in these pictures
(especially the second one).


Day 19: Bench

I don't know what it is about this picture, but I really like it.
Is it the lines? Is it the shadows?
Is there something quiet and peaceful about an empty park bench?


Day 17: Ice, Snow, Water

I like the contrast in these photos of the ice, snow, and water.
Bridges and trees are always fun, too.


Day 16: Down by the River

Today, Sallie and I took a little walk along the river.
I snapped a few pictures that I think will be fun.
I'll spread them out over the next several days.


Day 15: Hockey

Winter means hockey for many in Minnesota...including my sister!
I only made it to one of her games this entire season.
Here are a couple of action shots of my sister on ice.
She is the one wearing the red pants.

Dinner Last Night: Chicken Enchiladas

I found this recipe for the Easiest Chicken Enchiladas Ever on my friend's blog. It sounded so good!

But... I didn't have any enchilada sauce. :-(

I was going to go online to find my own, but instead found this recipe for Easy Chicken Enchiladas on Allrecipes.com. It sounded really good, too.

I had to make a few modifications:

  • I only had about 2-3 oz of cream cheese, so I added1/3 cup of sour cream as well.
  • I used a can of chicken instead of the chopped, cooked chicken breast.
  • I had some leftover white beans in my fridge, so used those instead of the pinto beans (I used the same amount of beans as chicken, using the empty can as my measurer).

These turned out to be so delicious! I'll definitely make them again. They are not saucy like regular enchiladas, which I actually kind of enjoyed.

Jeff even liked these so...two thumbs up here!!


Day 14: Comfort Food

Some days, I have such difficulty going outside.
It's just too COLD!
Mmmmmm...yummy soup...chases the cold away...


Day 13: Traffic

OK...this is the last picture I'll post from last Thursday's snowfall.
This was also taken from the train. Look at how few cars are out at 4:45 on a Thursday evening. Everyone must have avoided this road!
Almost all the other roads had backed up traffic in all directions.


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