Walking Log

Today I had the pleasure of going for a walk with a good friend (same friend as Aug 6th).

It was great to chat and walk. :-)

Today's Stats:
Run Time: 28:21
Run Distance: 1.59mi
Avg Pace: 17:51/mi
Calories: 166

Walking Log

I don't have any stats for this post, but I certainly did A LOT of walking yesterday.

It was my dad's birthday, and we decided to take our annual pilgrimage to the Great MN Get Together. We are all day fair-goers. We arrived at the fair around 7am and left around 10pm.

It was non-stop walking all. day. long.

There were a few pauses here and there as we ate, decided what to do/where to go next, and there was quite a bit of standing.

What there wasn't much of was sitting.

It was still great fun! I LOVE the fair!!

Walking Log

Ok. So, I haven't been very good about updating my walking log.

Truth be told, I haven't been very going about walking either.

The week after my last walking log entry, my family took a trip to a lake up near Ely, MN. It was great fun! I went canoeing, and hiking, and swimming! There were also quite a few moments of relaxation enjoing the beauty of the outdoors.

Here's a few stats:

August 10th (my 32nd birthday)
I was hoping to go for a hike on my birthday, but the sky looked a little ominous. Jeff and I took out a canoe instead. The battery in my Garmin died a little less than half way, but here is what the canoe trip was like before that.

Canoe Time: 1:10:30
Canoe Distance: 3.06mi
Avg Pace: 23:01/mi
Calories: 416

Well, actually Jeff did most of the work; I'm not the greatest canoeist.

August 11
This was the first hike of the trip. I was accompanied by my sister and 3 nieces. We hiked the Bass Lake trail to the Dry Falls. It was very hilly! A great workout! It was quite a busy trail, and when we got to the end, there were quite a few people playing in the falls and swimming in the lake. Not quite what I was hoping for at the end of our hike. It was still great fun to spend time outside with the girls.

Run Time: 1:27:12
Run Distance: 3.01mi
Avg Pace: 43.26/mi
Calories: 139

August 13
This was the second hike of our trip. It was the same people with the addition of my dad. This time we hiked the trip to Big Moose Lake. It was so much fun! The trail was riddled with wild blueberry plants. There was no one else on the trail, and the lake at the end was absolutely gorgeous! So clear and still. We paused for a while at the lake--eating some snacks and dipping our feet in the lake. It was wonderful.

Run Time: 2:23:15
Run Distance: 4.40mi
Avg Pace: 32:32/mi
Calories: 628


Join me!

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Walking Log: Day 11

With preparing for Girls Camp, and attending Girls Camp, and recovering from Girls Camp, I kind of lost my walking rhythm.

Then, I was having a pretty terrible day on Monday, so I emailed a friend to see if she would be free for a walk today. She works about a mile from where I live, but this is the first time that we've actually got together for a walk.

She had to get back to work, so it was neither a very long or vigorous walk, but it was fun to chat as we walked.

Today's Stats:
Run Time: 37:03
Run Distance: 1.88mi
Avg Pace: 19:42/mi
Calories: 214

Walking Log: Day 10

Last week was Girls Camp. I'll try to post an entry about that later.

I was a leader with the 4th year girls, so I went on their hike with them.

Here are our stats:
Run Time: 1:39:20
Run Distance: 3.1mi
Avg Pace: 32:01/mi
Calories: 401

Did you see that pace? Definitely wasn't a vigorous hike! BUT the girls did pick up 136.5 lbs of trash along their hike, so that counts for something, right?!

Walking Log: Day 9

Oops! Day 9 was back on July 23. I can't remember that long ago, so I can't tell you anything about my walk.

However, I can share my stats. Thank goodness my Garmin has good history record-keeping abilities.

Today's Stats (from 7/23):
Run Time: 35:45
Run Distance: 2.11mi
Avg Pace: 16:55/mi
Calories: 202


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