Where Does the Time Go?

Spring has come and gone and will (hopefully) come again soon. I've been struggling a lot this spring. I blame SAD. I think getting a real taste a warmer weather made it so much more difficult to accept the relapse back into colder temps. I'm hopeful that it will not last long.

In an effort to overcome SAD, I've been attempting (the past few days) to brighten my outlook. I've been trying to wear brighter, more spring-like colors. While this has helped immensely, it has also been a part of the problem. Staring into my closet filled with browns, oranges, and reds, it's becoming more and more diffcult to decide on a cheery outfit.

And so, although April is nearly over, my workout goal for April has been to beef up my exercise schedule. It's kind of a complicated schedule, so let's just simplify it by saying my goal is to exercise 23 days from April 2nd to April 30. I've got it all scheduled out. It's a mix of running, biking, and swimming. So far, I've met this goal. Only one more week to go! :)

My prize for attaining this goal? A SHOPPING SPREE! I get to buy some fun, spring/summer clothes. It's been very motivating. I just know I'll meet this goal.

It had been awhile, so I also decided to update the look of my blog. Let me know what you think.

I'd especially like to point out the addition of a couple widgets in my right sidebar. I've joined a site called Daily Mile (basically a twitter-like site for althetes). I've added a widget that simply states the total miles I've done (since joining the site) and one that gives a snippet of my most recent workout. I only joined the site yesterday, but I'd already recommend it to anyone that wants a nice, easy way to track and reflect on their exercise routine.

For those of you that may celebrate it, HAPPY EASTER tomorrow!


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