Journal Topic #4: Did you ever stick up for someone?

After discussing with my husband, my first thought was how I often stick up for Sallie. Now, she may just be a dog, but she often needs defending against my family. Each Sunday, most of my immediate family gathers at my parent’s home. They have two big dogs (compared to Sallie) that love to play with Sallie, and Sallie loves to play with them. At times the playing gets a little rough, so we need to separate them. Sallie is always accused of instigating all the rough play, so Jeff and I are always defending her.

I guess Sallie isn’t really a someone, so when I was writing about her, I realized that I have stuck up for my sister-in-law on occasion. I recall one instance I even convinced my whole family to pitch in to send her some flowers to help brighten her day. I don’t recall the exact circumstances, but I believe something had happened on the previous Sunday that had upset her. It may have simply been a comment that was made. My family, unfortunately, is not always the most supportive and accepting. Anyway, I know that she had left that night feeling very upset and unloved, so I stuck up for her by having the family send her flowers.

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