Journal Topic: Describe your mother's wedding dress. What do you know about her wedding?

My mom was married twice. I cannot describe her first wedding dress, and I don’t know much about her wedding. I know that it was a backyard wedding in Arizona. I believe her wedding colors might have been yellow and white. I’m pretty sure I remember seeing pictures of bridesmaids in yellow dresses anyway. The few pictures I’ve see are very 1970s (which is good, I suppose, since she was married in 1971).

The second time my mom got married was in 1986; I was 8 years old. Her dress was very lacey. I had contemplated wearing it for my wedding, but it was a little too much lace for me. I believe it had lace sleeves and a high lace collar. I haven’t seen it in over 4 years now, so my recollection of it is quite fuzzy.

This wedding was on March 8, 1986 and was held at the Anoka Stake center in MN, back when the stake center was still in Anoka. It was a very large wedding party—all of us kids were in the wedding. There were 10 kids in total. For some reason, I think that my aunt Judy was my mom’s matron of honor. I want to say the colors were purple; I’m pretty sure I remember wearing a purple dress. I think I also remember all of us girls wearing big hats, too. The wedding was in the chapel, and then there was a reception in the cultural hall. I must have been a little opposed to the wedding, because in all of the wedding pictures, I don’t think that I smiled even once. It is something that we would joke about years after the wedding, but I know that it broke my mom’s heart a little that none of the pictures reflected my smiling face.

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  1. REading this makes me realize that I know little to nothing about my parent's wedding. I'll have to start asking questions.


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