Journal Topic: Did you and your mother share an interest in any special activity?

Let’s see…I’d have to say lots. I have such fond memories of my mom. I’ll just share a couple of examples.

We both loved the church! I remember when I was 10 (almost 11), I went visiting teaching with my mom. She was the Relief Society President at the time (I think), and I was her special helper. I took this very seriously and wouldn’t even go play with the other kids, because I was a visiting teacher that day! I think that we both had testimonies of the gospel and took our callings very seriously. Although I was quite young then, I believe that experience has helped shape me throughout my adult life and with the various callings I’ve held. It helps that it was recorded in my journal—keeps those memories fresh.

We both loved to make others feel special. My mom would often go out of her way to show her appreciation for others. I remember “chocolating” a sister’s home. Her husband would let us in when no one else was around, and we would leave little chocolate bars and candy all over her house. Several different years, we would do the 12 Days of Christmas to someone in the ward. We would drop off a little gift each day that represented that particular verse of the song. The trick, of course, would be to do this and not. get. caught. We had so much fun!

My mom was very good at sewing and doing other crafts. I enjoyed doing these things with her, too. She taught me some basics of sewing. She also attempted to teach me to crotchet, but I never really mastered that or develop a great interest in it.

We both also really enjoyed reading. We would often read the same books, usually mysteries. One of our favorite authors back then was Mary Higgins Clark. Not necessarily together, but I know that we had each been guilty of staying up all night (or to the wee hours of the morning) finishing a book that was just too good to put down!

Although definitely lacking in musical abilities, we both loved to sing! We especially enjoyed singing silly songs when we would go on road trips to visit family in Nauvoo or Missouri.

My mom really was a lot of fun, and I miss her dearly!

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