Back to Blogging: Why I Blog

Today is the final day of the SITS Back to Blogging event.

Today's challenge was to write about why we blog.

This should be an easy topic, right?!

Why do I blog??

As I thought about this today, I thought about how I really started this blog when I was living in NY. I was away from family and friends, and I thought blogging would be a good way to share my thoughts and stories with those I didn't get to see very often.

As I've continued to pursue this blogging venture, I've discovered how much I like to be open and share my thoughts. Blogging allows me to escape the bounds of my debilitating introversion. In the blogosphere, I can be an extrovert. Well, to an extent, of course.

I think this is the reason why I continue blogging. I love sharing with the world my thoughts and stories!

Another main reason I blog is for validation. Not sure this exactly a noble reason to blog, but honesty is important, right?! So, I admit, I feel much better about blogging when I receive feedback or gain new followers. There is no better blogging feeling than when I receive an email notification that I've received a comment.

Comment love is definitely a cherry on top of my blogging journey!

So...bring 'em on.



  1. Your reasons sound a lot like my reasons. I'm still amazed at how much I've gotten hooked on blogging over the last few years!

  2. AND, you're such an awesome blogger, Lara. So hilarious and quirky. :-)

  3. Hey, I enjoyed this post. What an awesome way to be extroverted. However, I'm not so sure you are such an introvert. I'm pretty sure I'm much worse. Also, you are a great blogger; funny and quirky too.

  4. Hah! I am definitely an introvert. Equal to, if not more so, than you. Glad you like my blog. And all the comments, too. You're too kind. :">


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