Two-Year Olds

I love two-olds!

They are experiencing/learning so many new things! I love listening to the fun things they say as they learn to talk. I think it's definitely one of my favorite ages (coming from an aunt/cousin perspective, I've heard it might not be the same case from a mother's perspective).

Yesterday, I was walking through the skyway with a co-worker. As we were walking, a very cute little girl walked up to me and stuck her hand out, as if I were her mother. It was adorable. I let her take my hand (well my little finger), and she gripped it tight.

We walked for awhile like that.

She didn't have much to say, but she did mumble a little gibberish to herself. She was downtown for lunch with her dad. He said that she had been quite shy at lunch with some of his friends, so it seemed a little odd that she reached out to me.

I have to admit, I enjoyed every moment walking around aimlessly, carelessly, with this little girl.

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  1. I'm with you on this! Two-year-olds are delightful. After having five of them I've never understood the term terrible twos (other than very brief moments)!


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