I Want...

Here are just a few items currently on my Wish List.
iFitness Ultimate Race Belt

Nathan Quickdraw Plus handheld water bottle

Road ID The Wrist ID Sport

Moving Comfort Endurance Tank

Moving Comfort Sprint Skort
Hi-Tec Sabi Mid
My birthday is in 42 days. Just saying.


  1. What a neat little running belt! It could also come in really handy for hiking and doing outdoorsy things.

  2. I LOVE my road ID! I bought four all at once so I have one on my main running shoes, my cycle shoes, and for my wrist when I'm in my "other" running shoes (3 pairs) and once for my ankle for when I'm in the pool (thought it bugs me there a bit)

    And I'm still looking around for a running belt that doesn't jiggle too much.


  3. Forget the running belt....I want those abs!

  4. I'm sure you know that love my RoadID, too. I got one for each of the girls for when we go to busy places. I love that they have my cell phone number right on their wrist if something happens.

  5. @REBrown, What a great idea! Now, it's going to be even that much more difficult to resist buying this.

    @A54, Sounds like you're covered. :) If I get the running belt, I'll be sure to write up a review. From what I've heard, this is a great one with minimal jiggle.

    @Lara, Amen, sister!

    @Laura, We had neighbors once that taught their kids a song that included their name, address, and phone number. It was really cute, but these wrist IDs are probably a bit more effective. :)

  6. I want that road ID, too. My birthday is a bit farther down the road, however. :)

  7. @TNM, I've heard such good things about the road IDs and since I'm being so active (biking and running) this summer, I think it's probably a good idea to get one.

  8. Ah, our birthdays are 10 days apart. mine's in 32!

    I hear those belts are awesome. I think if I ran, I'd want all those things too.

  9. OMG that belt is awesome. It's hysterical really, but I love it!!!

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

  10. @Emily, A fellow Leo. Nice. (Or is it still Cancer? I don't really follow all that.)

    @Alex, Hysterically practical. I hope.


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