Thankful Thursdays

Family Home Evening Group -- Jeff and I initiated an FHE group a few weeks ago with some couples in our ward. We've only met twice so far (had to take off Memorial Day), but it's such a blessing to gather with others to have a gospel-centered discussion.  I know that we'll get to learn a lot about the gospel and one another!

My husband -- This past week at FHE one question that was posed was "What do you appreciate about your spouse?" It really got me thinking about the things that Jeff does for me. Here is a short list of a few of the reasons I love him so much.
  • He is so supportive the things I want...my dreams.
  • He is a great storyteller, and he has so many fun stories to tell.
  • He is always willing to go do things with me that aren't necessarily enjoyable.
  • He helps keep me informed about world events and politics (topics I normally do not enjoy)
  • He always treats me with love and respect and would never talk bad about me to others.
My Grandma Gertie -- I wasn't particularly close with her, but she still holds a special place in my heart. She lived far away in AZ most of my life. She passed away this past Saturday, and I am off her to funeral this morning. She leaves behind  8 kids, and many grandkids, great-grandkids, and, I think, even a couple of great-great-grandkids. She lived to be 89 years old. I remember her wild red hair. Tomorrow's Flashback Friday will be devoted to her. So check back for a couple of pictures.

My family -- We can really rally for a funeral. It's too bad that such a sad occasion brings us together. It's a time when I get to see so many cousins that I generally only see at funerals. Does this happen in other families as well?

I could go on and on about other things I'm thankful for, I'm sure, but it's nearly time to go.

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. The FHE group sounds awesome and what a great guy you've got there!


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