Thankful Thursdays

Man, it's been quite a day!

Work was busy and LONG and tiring. My run this morning left me with a nasty headache most of the day. Blah!


There's got to be something to be thankful for, right?!

How about my cutie-patootie, Sallie Sue?

This is her through my dad's screened porch. Who couldn't love that face? She's adorable and such a great snuggler. She always makes me happy.

Or my awesome YW Camp Leaders
They did such a great job last night at our pre-camp meeting, teaching the girls First Aid.
They make me excited for camp.

And I can't forget my wonderful husband
I know I listed him last week, but I'm especially grateful for him when I'm feeling grouchy.

What are you thankful for today?


  1. That picture of Sallie is adorable!!

  2. Thanks, Lara. I think so, too.


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