Thanksgiving 2011 #14 - Unexpected

Today, I'm grateful for the unexpected.


I've been working as a temp at the same company for just over a year and a half. As a temp, I'm used to not getting paid for holidays and not having paid vacation time.

I'm used to not getting any of perks of regular employment.

So, imagine my surprise when I got into work this afternoon to receive an envelope from my boss. The company sent a letter to everyone one thanking them for their dedication and hard work.

The letter also included $50! Now, that was unexpected!

And naturally, I spent most of it after work at Target.


  1. Knowing that unexpected good things can happen now and then really can provide some good hope. My first year working for a new company, and I had just taken my soon to be wife to the doctor, and the out of pocket was just under $100 - it was right before Christmas and money was very tight.

    That evening I got home and there was a check from my job for $100 - I didn't know it but they sent out $100 per year of employment for a Christmas bonus. It felt like a check from karma.

  2. @Mark - I love stories like this. Thanks for sharing. :)


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