She's My Big Sister!

I've loved her since I was a wee little girl.
Christmas. 1978.
She's always there to give me a hug.

Beauty pageant. 1991.
To make me laugh.
Sending me off to college. 1995.
To say, "Congratulations!"
Cottey Graduation. 1997

MAT Graduation. 2012
She's always been there when I needed her. I can always count on her to encourage me, support me, inspire me.

Like with running though she'll insist that I'm the one who inspires her. We've trained together for 5Ks, Half Marathons, and even two marathons.

And today, she turned the big 4-0!

Now I live more than a thousand miles away, but she is always near in my heart. I love and miss her everyday!!

Hope you had a wonderful birthday!!


  1. You are the sweetest, bestest little sister a girl could ask for. Thank you! I love you bunches and miss you lots!


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