Sweat is GOOD!

I sweat to be strong.
I sweat to feel alive.
I sweat to tone and build muscle.

I sweat to love my reflection in the mirror. It may sound superficial, but it’s honest.
Sweating helps me feel good about myself – inside and out.
Wanting to look good and feel good is what keeps me sweating.

What inspires you to sweat? 

This post was written as an entry to win a ticket to #InspireLV12. This sounds like a fantastic weekend! If I win, I hope to see you there! You can register here.


  1. I hope you win too. :) I sweat for all the same reasons...sanity and vanity. Jessica


  2. Just saw something on twitter that said "When I'm dripping with sweat I feel Bad Ass" Had to laugh because it's true!


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