#HBBC, Week 5 Recap

I know. I'm really late getting this out. I guess I got distracted with Christmas, and, you know, being lazy.

This definitely was not my best week for #HBBC.

Week 4
12/17: 6.5 points
  • Ran 6.5 miles - Joined TCRE (my running group) for a run. This was a TOUGH one. Thanks goodness for running partners - otherwise I'm not sure I'd have been able to finish this one.
12/18: 3 points
12/19: 0 points
  • REST!!!  
12/20: 3 points
  • Ran 3 miles - Nothing really remarkable about this run. Familiar route. Walked a bit in the middle.
12/21: 5 points
  • Ran 5 miles - Not the greatest run pace-wise, but I did manage to pass another runner. It felt like a pretty great accomplishment. Plus, it was my anniversary, so I was happy to have squeezed in a run before work, so I could celebrate with my husband after work. :-)
12/22: 3 points
  • Ran 3 miles - Today's challenge was to not look at my watch. Success!
12/23: 0 points
  • REST!!!
Not once this week did I manage to get in the 7 fruits/vegs. :(

Week 2 Total: 20.5
Challenge Total: 94.95

Hope your Christmas was merry and bright!

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    And haha thanks to you I realized I had put a funny date/day combo on the blog...so I changed it to Friday January 30th :) Thanks for pointing it out!

  2. Wow! For not doing a whole lot you've sure done alot!

  3. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! You're definitely a workout woman!

  4. Great week of training and fitness and as for the fruits/veggies at least you are keeping track of it.

    One funny thing, though. When I first started reading this post I did not see the "." between the 6 and 5 and was amazed at how casually you mentioned that you just ran 65 miles!!

  5. Mark, LOL! I promise if I *ever* run 65 miles, there will be lots of fanfare.


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