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with Stasha from The Good Life.

This week's topic was chosen by Bruna over at Bees With Honey.

Her challenge to us was: "If they were to make a movie of your life what would the soundtrack be like? Share 10 songs that best tell the story of your life. Be sure to include the period or event that each song represents."

I thought it sounded like a great challenge/topic, but you know what? I really couldn't think of 10 good songs to describe my life. I'm going to be a ruler breaker this week and do my own topic.

As you probably know, my marathon training begins two weeks from TODAY.

It will be my third marathon. I ran my first in 2002 and my second in 2003. Twin Cities Marathon both years.

And then I said ... NEVER AGAIN.

Yet, here I am endeavoring on this adventure once more.

Whenever I tell someone I've run a marathon, and they are impressed, I always downplay the accomplishment. My time wasn't fast enough. I walked a lot. I didn't properly train. Blah. Blah. Blah.

This time I want to make the most out of my training. Hopefully this will improve my time. Hopefully this will give me a little more pride in my accomplishment.

BUT I think I will need some help in staying focused. In staying motivated.

So, without further ado Sorry for the lengthy back story here is my list of 10 ways you can sponsor my training for Grandma's Marathon 2012.
  1. Motivate Me. With quotations. Or videos. Or images. Or maybe just a funny story. Or an inspiring one. You can share these with me on my Facebook page, Twitter, or mention me in a Pinterest pin.

  2. Share your own training story. Any tips you have for devoting the time to the training. Or for cross-training, hills, speed work, etc. Story of your own personal accomplishment. Of running a marathon or something else that was a difficult goal, but you persevered and felt a sense of pride following it.

  3. Sing me a song. Or just send me your favorite songs to listen to when you are out running. What songs/artists inspire you to push yourself? To keep going when you just don't want to.

  4. Run with me. In person. Obviously in person it would need to be in St Paul or somewhere I can get to easily via public transit.

  5. Run with me. Virtually. I'm talking on the phone. Since I’d likely have headphones in, we could chat instead of listen to music. Sure I would likely be out of breath a bit, but at least I would have someone to talk to who was also exerting the effort of breathing, talking, and running.

  6. Fuel me. Send me your favorite fuels. Or your favorite fuel recipe. Pre-run. During run. Post-run. Whatever. Or even simply suggestions of what has worked for you.

  7. Race registration fees. Not for the marathon. That's already paid for. I would like to do a few races in the meantime, though.

  8. Cheer for me. At the marathon in June. Or at the Get Lucky Triple 7K I’m doing in March. Or even during a long weekend run. Obviously in person would be fun, but you could also cheer for me via email or gTalk. I generally run with my phone to record time/distance and for safety.

  9. Product testing. If you are a company or have a running product you'd like to promote, I'd be happy to test it out in exchange for a review. Or let me know your favorite, must-have or obscure product, and I can contact the company directly.

  10. Carpool. If you happen to also be running Grandma's, I'd love a ride. And maybe split a hotel room. :-) I have yet to figure out logistics. The marathon is only 20 weeks away, and most of the nearby hotel rooms are already booked or way too expensive for me.
You could sponsor me for a day. Or a week. Or the entire training period. I hope to get my marathon training schedule posted later today or sometime this week. It will have it's own tab under my header. You know, in case you want to really hold me accountable choose when in my training you'd like to sponsor me.

If you want to do any of these to help me out, please let me know. You can email me at enjoyingthecourse@gmail.com. Or contact me on FB, Twitter, or DailyMile (links in top left sidebar). Or I guess you could just surprise me.

Happy Monday! Make it a great week, everyone. :-)


  1. This is awesome. So proud of you.
    The only time I ever ran was in gym class and to catch a bus. But I will spread the word and think of some songs, deal?

  2. You go. Let's see, I run to the fridge for a beer during commercial breaks, no help there. Can't carry a tune in a pail so no singing but I do love hi energy songs so maybe. I'll check with my more health concious friends for snack recipes. I know just who to contact. I'll definitely be cheering for you, from the couch, with a beer in hand LOL

  3. You go girl. I've run two....but sticking to halfs for now. Or that's all my body can stand. Good luck.

    1. After this one, I may end up sticking to halfs as well. We'll see. :-)

  4. Even though I hate to run...can't run and refuse to run lol... my spirit will be with you and supporting you all the way.....

  5. Good luck! Here's a song that I think's good for running(although I'm not a runner): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZaI2IlHwmgQ&ob=av2n

  6. Good luck! You are going to do great with your training. Eye of the Tiger is one of my favorite songs to run to if I ever run with music.


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