Dumpster Diving

Have you ever been?

I think maybe I've done a version when I was much younger, but never, ever for food. That just seems wrong.

But what seems even more wrong is the amount of food that is wasted in America - especially considering the number of people who are going hungry every day in this country.

I was reading this post on a friend's blog this morning, who mentioned eating her first meal featuring food from her local grocery store dumpster.

At first I was a bit shocked.

More than that, I was intrigued.

I had to investigate this more. I still haven't had much time. I really just watched the trailer for Dive! the film, but I do plan on downloading the whole movie (also available to watch via Netflix streaming).

Dive! Trailer from Compeller Pictures on Vimeo.

Their website also has a page of things you can do. They list plenty of things, but obviously, their biggest suggestion is to get there there and DIVE IN.
An important first step to really caring about the issue of food waste is hopping in a dumpster, bringing home the food, and eating it. Eating trash is a subversive act. It goes against a culture of over-consumption and gratuitous wastefulness. Experience that initial rush, shame, fear, and exhilaration of "stealing" trash and eating it will change you in good ways.

Second, it's important to go to your local grocery store and ask what they do with their food waste. They might not tell you. Or they'll dodge the question by listing organizations to which they donate. Ask them about all the FRESH food--meat, dairy, fruits and vegetables. Ask them if they would be open to allowing you to pick this food up and bring it to a nonprofit that serves the needy. Do all of this with a pleasant tone, big smile, and servant's heart. Bring the Good Sam act with you!

Third, you'll need a place to bring the food, so you'll have to locate a shelter or food bank in your area that could use the food. This is where logistics comes into play. They'll need to be able to immediately use or temporarily store fresh food....shelving space, refrigerators, freezers. This step actually happens at the same time as visiting your local grocery stores. You will probably need a letter from the shelter or food bank stating their needs, requesting donations, and naming you or your family/friends/organization/church as the volunteer designated to pick up the food.
Are you in?


  1. I've never been but I'm totally going to watch that documentary on Netflix.

    1. Yes, I need to watch it, too. It *could* be life changing. :)


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