Training for Grandma's Week 6

Um. Yeah.

I totally dropped the ball on training this week.

Here is what it was supposed to look like:

And here is what it actually looked like:

Pathetic. I know.
But it does make the training report pretty easy to write. :-)

Mon - Fri - Absolutely nothing! My toes were still hurting pretty bad on Monday, and then the weather was so dreary and crappy that I simply didn't feel like doing anything the rest of the week.

Sat, 3/24 - I convinced Jeff to bike with me to Aldi for some groceries. If it wouldn't have been for that, I probably would have spent the entire day on my bum once again. Ugh. Well, except for the bike ride to game night at a friend's house.

Sun, 3/25 - My friend and I survived game night enough to go for a run this afternoon! I had 9 miles on the schedule, and while we stopped a bit shy of that, we did experience some pretty bad-ass hills, so I don't feel so bad. It was the perfect day and a pretty great run - especially considering it was the first time I ran since last weekend's half marathon. I finished the run with a 1+ mile easy walk home.

Total mileage
Running: 8.72
Cycling: 8.15
Walking: 1.23

I'm still struggling a LOT with incorporating core workouts.

Here's to a much, MUCH more consistent training week next week. I'm on Spring Break, so hopefully I'll be able to take advantage of that.

How do you avoid getting into a training slump...or how do you pull yourself out of one?

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  1. Enjoy your Spring Break! I'm sure this week of workouts will be quite different since you have time to plan what you want to do when.


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