3TT #3

I really thought I'd done more of these...

Perhaps most Thursdays, I don't have 3 things to say...?

Thing 1. Teaching World History - particularly the way it is set up at this school - is no good for me. Every unit makes me want. to. travel! There are so many fascinating places to visit, sites to see, and activities to do. I just want to do experience it all. With my huge teacher salary, ha! perhaps I'll have the opportunity to travel during the summer and over longer breaks. What? A girl can dream, right?

Thing 2. Yesterday morning at this time, it was in the upper 40s! I wore flip flops when taking Sallie outside. I was tempted to wear them to school, too. Good thing I didn't because as the day progressed, the temperature steadily dropped. I was pretty cold when I was waiting for the bus after school. :-( Nearly 60°F weather on Tuesday really struck me with Spring Fever. Looking at the forecast, it should be nice enough weather for my half marathon on St Patrick's Day, though. The overnight low the night before is in the 40s, so it should be just about perfect temps for running. Hopefully it doesn't rain...

Thing 3. I went to bed way too late last night; I randomly woke up around 3am. Not only would Sallie not let me get back to sleep, She wanted breakfast, or at least a treat. but Jeff was big time snoring! Ugh! It is so difficult for me to fall back asleep with the sound of snoring. He snores more when he sleeps on his back, and I know that sleeping on his back is better for him because of his bad back, but I hate not being able to fall back asleep. Still, since I know he's getting some decent sleep, I hate to ask him to roll over. I'm much more passive aggressive about it. I try to accidentally nudge him or I toss and turn a LOT to maybe inspire his subconscious to make his roll over. Last night none of these little tricks were working, so I went to grab the noise cancelling headphones to see if they would help. Lo and behold, when I returned, he'd rolled to his side, taking up much of my side of the bed, and the snoring had stopped. Hallelujah! Except of course that he was nearly taking up the entire bed now, so I had to get comfortable in a very small area. It worked, though, and I quickly was back in dreamland. Until Sallie woke me up about 1 ½ hours later...

Where have you traveled that has been the most exciting? I haven't traveled very many places, but I think Costa Rica has been my favorite so far.

What are you looking forward to the most about Spring? The end of winter, of course! ☺Seriously, though, running outside more and maybe some photography. Who knows.

How do you handle a snoring partner? I already answered this, but I am definitely open for suggestions! I'd love to hear your solutions.


  1. World History was always one of my favorite classes. I'm really looking forward to flowers. The Bahamas has been my favorite place to travel so far. We went to a small island where our friends have a house and stayed a week with no phone or computer. It was perfect!

    1. Oh, yes, flowers! Seeing blooming flowers on my runs really makes me smile. That sounds like a perfect way to visit the Bahamas - small island, no distractions, not very touristy. *bliss*


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