Race Day Warm-Up

If you're following my training calendar, you might know I will be running the Get Lucky! half marathon on Saturday. Imagine my excitement when finding an article at Fitness Magazine with tips for race day!

And then I read the article. And chuckled a little.

It wasn't bad advice, just a little impractical.

The following three stretches are what they suggest doing 45-55 minutes before the race. If you click on any of the following pictures, you'll be redirected to the page on Fitness Magazine with a description of the stretch.

Three problems, I see with these were:

1) Obviously these were not meant for races in March or most months in Minnesota. NO way will I be lying on the ground. outside.

2) Who carries a yoga strap or towel with them to a race? It does give modifications for without the strap, but still...

3) Perhaps I'm running the wrong races, but there are usually so many people there it would be difficult to find a proper place to do these stretches - even if I were going to lie on the ground.

Still, I guess it is good advice. I can modify the stretches to not lie on the ground or use any equipment. Plus, I did like what they suggest for 10 min pre-race.

So, we'll see if I do any of this come race day morning. :-)

As for the race, I'll be sporting a cute St Paddy's Day outfit - hat, hoodie, shorts, and over-the-knee socks. None of it exactly matches, but I think that helps make the outfit. It's likely it will be in the 50s, so it's likely I'll be slightly overdressed. At least I'll look good. :-)

Honestly, I think I'm more excited about the outfit than I am the actual race.

My goals for the race are simply.


2) Do NOT Die.

3) Take it at an easy pace and don't further aggravate my knee.

Simple, right?

My last run was 7+ miles with only minor discomfort in my knee, so I think I should be okay.

Of course, positive thoughts are always more than welcome, though.

What is your pre-race routine? Any plans to celebrate St Patrick's Day?


  1. Very informative! I'm never sure what stretches to do.

  2. Good luck with your upcoming race! I'm sure you will do great!

    1. Thanks! I'm super excited - hopefully that helps overcome my somewhat lack of preparation. :)


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