Good Day

Sometimes just writing a whiny post is enough to help turn things around. Thanks for all your wonderful, supportive comments.

One whiny thing I hadn't mentioned in the post was my lack of warm clothing. I really only had one versatile sweater, and I had worn it everyday for too many days in a row. So, after work I stopped at Savers for a little retail therapy.

For $20, I brought home two pairs of work pants + 3 sweaters. Yay!

1 new sweater + 1 new pair of work pants

Thursday morning brought a surprise bonus from work. Everyone got one, and the amount depended upon how long you'd worked there in 2012. Since I started after July 1st, I didn't actually get a check but a $25 gift card to Target. Sweet!

Now, I always bring my lunch, but I'm also never one to turn down free food, so when invited out to lunch, I couldn't say no.

I had a delicious veggie stir fry at Le Thai in downtown Vegas.

Level 2 Spiciness
How spicy do you want it? 1-5.
1 is mild.
2 is medium.
3 is hot.
4 is fire.
All I could think was, if 4 is fire, what is 5? Nuclear?

The super fun looking restaurant next door had this sign outside.

At least two of us had to take a picture. :D

And then my day ended with some TV and hot cocoa with my husband.

So, yeah. It was a good day.

Now, today, we're celebrating Christmas at work. Instead of having a traditional company holiday party, they've devoted the entire day to celebrating. We started off with a continental breakfast. I *wanted* to take a picture, but I left my phone at my desk and ended up eating in the cafeteria.

I had some light peach yogurt, and mammoth-sized blueberry muffin, and the most delicious to-die-for mini quiche.

Yesterday, they sent out a menu for today's lunch:
Prime Rib
Pork Tenderloin
Variety of vegetables
Variety of salads
and of course Desserts
Good thing I worked out this morning. *wink*

Being all festive with jingle bell earrings.
Anything fun planned for the weekend?
Does your company do anything special for the holidays?


  1. Yummy! My husband's company always takes everyone out to a fancy dinner for their holiday party. Personally I would rather get a check:)

  2. All that for $20? That was indeed a good shopping experience! And that stir fry looks yummy. I love Thai food!

    1. Yep! Great finds at the thrift store that day. :) Plus the two sweaters I found have super long sleeves which are awesome!

      I don't eat a lot of Thai food, so I was hesitant about going to a Thai restaurant. I went with stir fry, but I figured I couldn't go wrong with that. lol.

  3. Pretty earrings! I hope you treat yourself with the $25 giftcard to Target.

    1. I did! I bought some fun nail polish and some new make-up. LOVE!


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